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Did you miss an episode of the CIMC Radio Show or do you want to replay an old episode? Our On Demand archives are just for you. Scroll through the list and click on any of the shows to begin playing them. You can also download them for your collection FREE of charge.

Season 2

S2E1: Season 2 Kick Off. 35 min DOWNLOAD

S2E2: An Interview with N.A.T.E. Jones. N.A.T.E. (Never At The Edge) Jones joins us for a special interview and sneak peak at his latest content soon to be released. This will be a live interview so you are invited to call in and participate. 30 min DOWNLOAD

S2E3: Nate is back for the 2nd half of his interview with CIMC. On our last episode we ran out of time so we invited Nate back for more music and a deeper look into his craft.  45 min DOWNLOAD

Season 1

S1E1: Rattle That Lock Preview Show . David Gilmour joins CIMC for a special preview of his latest album, Rattle That Lock. Join us as your Host, Jason Kubin dives into the new album by the Pink Floyd front man, voice, and guitar of the legendary group. 30 Min DOWNLOAD

S1E2: Local Talent. Welcome back to the CIMC Music Show. In this episode we will be checking out music from local artists in the area. We are delighted to have with us this week, Ace Harris, Ashley Miller, Therran Dennis, and Skyward. 31 min DOWNLOAD

S1E3: We The People. Tonight we take on issues that effect our country. Join us as we meet with our panel of guests to discuss isses that face our country every day.Topics range from Police brutatility and accountability, to the failed drug war. We'll be touching base on the issues that seem to be in the news everyday such as Gun Control. 57 min DOWNLOAD

S1E4: We The People Pt. 2.Join us again as Stoney Shifflett and JR Roberts come back to continue their debate on issues such as police accountability and brutality, the war on drugs, gun control, and the rise of the police state. 1:27 DOWNLOAD

S1E5: Classic Mix. On tonights episode of the CIMC Music Show, I'll be focusing on classic rock mixes. We have some great tunes lined up for you. 30 min DOWNLOAD

S1E6: Alice's Restaurant. Tonight we air Alice's Resturaunt in it's original entirety. Aerious Kubin interview. That's right, Arlow Guntrie's classic comedy hit will be played in it's epic full length. Aerious Kubin will be on hand for an interview, he has brought us 2 songs, and will be available if you wish to call in. 1:01 DOWNLOAD

S1E7: Budget Cuts, Grannies Christmas Closet, and Bio Defense. Talking about Budget Cuts, Granny's Christmas Closet, and Bio Defense. We have special guests Celina Mann and Janet Kepilinger on the show tonight. Celina joins us to talk about military / veteran budget cuts while Janet Keplinger talks about the new Granny's Christmas Closet charity. Plus we have great music in the mix.44:40 DOWNLOAD

S1E8: WTC 9/11 Attacks. Was 9-11 a US coordinated attack, or was it carried out by Muslim Extremists?  Celina McHone returns to the show to talk about the attacks on September 11th. This is a very strong topic for us here at the show and we can't wait to pick it apart. 1:15:30 DOWNLOAD

S1E9: Super Saturday. Tonight we have a great show for you. We are playing music from various decades and also featuring some local talent. Tonight we will hear music from Super Tram, Pink Floyd, Controlling Interest Music Company, Skot Stover, and more. So sit back, turn up the volume and have a cold one. 45 min DOWNLOAD

S1E10: Dr. Fierro, More Than Just a Car. Dr Arthur Fierro joins us on the CIMC show with a special in depth interview about his break through supplement, Bio Defense. He also brings us his new book for FREE for our listeners. He also talks to us about his services, explains chiropractic services and nutrician. 54 min DOWNLOAD

S1E11: President Obamy. Fans portray various roles in the parody where we talk to President Obama. 1:30 DOWNLOAD

S1E12: The Butcher Shop. Rated R... Tonights show is a special one. Tonight we will be having Jason Armentrout (a.k.a.Bobby Butcher) on the show as our guest co-host. We'll be featuring some of his music and projects. We'll also be featuring the late Jim Feehan's "Inspiration" and some more music from the CIMC house band. 1:30 DOWNLOAD

S1E13: Top 20 Countdown or the Mos Iconic Movie Theme Songs. Tonight we will be counting down the top 20 all time most iconic movie themes spanning 85 years. Our special co-host, Nyte Shyft will be making his debute. Julie G won the trivia prizes tonight. 2:00 DOWNLOAD

S1E14: The CIMC Spooky Halloween Special. Tonight we have a very special show for you Ghouls and Goblins. We are featuring music just for tonights haunted halloween. Get the kiddies gathered around and grab your flashlights. Turn off the lights and get ready for a fright. 1:17 DOWNLOAD

S1E15: Top 20 worst Songs. Tonight we are going to revisit some of the worst train wrecks in the music industry. Join us as we count down the songs that make us cringe.You voted, we're going to play them. 1:59 DOWNLOAD

S1E16: CIMC Tuesday Broadcast. We've got a little bit of everything coming your way. From music to news, from guest callers, to helpful tips. Tonights show mixes all sorts of content together just because we can lol. 1:59 DOWNLOAD

S1E17: Scams and Scammers. Have you been a victim of a scam? If so, then you know just how humiliating and frustrating it can be. Tonight we confront a local Harrisonburg couple who have alegedly been scamming local citizens out of merchandise, lieing to obtain discounts, using false stories to obtain items under false pretenses, soliciting people, and harrassing them. Well tonight we will hear from the victims and hear their stories. We will hopefully hear from the alleged scammers and hopefully we will find a solution to the problem. 1:49 DOWNLOAD

S1E18: Top 20 Best Songs. We asked for your favorite songs and you responded, here's what you choose. This list is not representing the best songs in general but those of the people that voted. 2:17 DOWNLOAD

S1E19: Local Talent 2. We are devoting tonights episode to local talent. Did your band make the show? Tune in and find out. We will be featuring new comer, Ryan Rich, as well as some favorite local bands. And we will also be featuring the latest from our very own CIMC House Band featuring Clint Eastwood. 1:01 DOWNLOAD

S1E20: Big Hits From the 80's and 90's. We're back fresh from a 2 week break with another great show. Join us tonight as we feature some of the biggest hits of the 80's and 90's including the original Band Aid relief holiday classic, Do The Know It's Christmas. 1:30 DOWNLOAD

S1E21: Classic Rock for the Ages. Tonight we'll be playing some of our top picks of the timeless classic rock music. We'll be play music from artists such as CCR, Led Zepplin John Lennon, Bad Company, Paul McCartney and the Wings, ACD and much much more. 1:30 DOWNLOAD

S1E22: Band Of Theives. Aerious Kubin and Jericho Zornes from Band of Thieves join us in the studio for a special live interview. We will be talking about the formation of the band, it's conception, roots, influences, and how you can audition to join them. 30 min DOWNLOAD

S1E23: Unconstitutional Police Checkpoints. We will be discussing the check points conducted by the police and their implications to freedom. Join us live as we talk about this and more. Call in and give your thoughts on this growing indictment on constitutional rights in the police state of America. Richard Starita well be out social guest from Stand Up For Your Rights and he will be taking about his most recent discovery of a discount over the st Patrick's day holiday. 30 min DOWNLOAD

S1E24: Melochromatic Disorder. Band of Thieves has changed names to Monochromatic Disorder. The reason behind the change, and what's in the works down the road for the band, will be answered tonight. 30 min DOWNLOAD

S1E25: More Local Talent. Tonight's show brings you more local musicians. Join us as we welcome our newest co-host, Jaime Potts as she makes her debute on our program. Jaime was with us on our former show, Real Talk, She is originally from North Carolina and now resides in Shenandoah Virginia.  30 min DOWNLOAD