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What is CIMC

CIMC stands for the Controlling Interest Music Company. We were founded in 2011 as a live performance band, by Jason C. Kubin, Sigrid L. Anderson, and Jason (Qwazy) Armentrout. Though CIMC had no official musician line up, the goal was to put the music composed primarily by Jason C. Kubin first while the musicians were in the background.

We made our official debute in 2012 at the July 4th Veterans Tribute concert in Harrisonburg, Va. along with the Skyward Band and the VFW.


Since that time, CIMC released 2 feature videos, sponsored a benefit concert, and developed a Youtube show called the CIMC Music Showcase where we featured local artists. The show was co-hosted by Jason C. Kubin and son, Aerious A.C. Kubin.

In 2015 CIMC launced the CIMC Radio Show on BlogTalkRadio. The show centered around music but some episodes were also interviews with other guests not associated with music. The show was hosted by Jason C. Kubin with special guest hosts.

Fast forward to 2017. CIMC was in it's second season and changes had been made to the show's line up. For one, Sigrid Anderson signed on as a full time co-host. the show took on a structure which allowed for not just local talent, but themed shows as well.


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